The Gaming Department LOOT CUBE
26.01.18 - 09.02.18

Gamification is a fact. Games are a part of everyone's life. They surround us and affect us in both subtle and direct ways. But today we should not only be passive consumers of games. We need to have opinions about them and be able to enter into a dialogue with them.

Taking as their starting point the game technical term MODDING (modification), the nine artists constituting The Gaming Department will use existing games as a platform for a visual artistic exploration of different elements in board games, roleplaying and computer games. These games are: The Witcher 3, Warhammer 40.000, Dungeons & Dragons, Blackout, Ultima Online, Way of the Samurai, Duros og Transformation.

Gamers: Taika Louhivuori (FIN), Ruben Ostan Vejrup(SI), Oscar Yran(NO), Dina Lundvall Nielsen(DK), Jeppe Jørgensen(DK), Jonas Vang Hansen(DK),Thomas Udomrat Hostrup(DK), Henrik Noer(DK), Nilas Dumstrei(DK)

/ The Gaming Department is a group of artists working in a wide field of mediums with gaming culture, game theory and visual fine arts. TGD are working both in a product-oriented manner producing new games with a starting point in their work as visual artists and creating art on the basis of their work as gamers. With changing members they have been working together since 2014 and Loot Cube is their second larger group show. The members have backgrounds from Funen Art Academy, Konsthögskolan i Malmö og The Finnish Academy of Fine Art.

Mana potions available at the bar.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Odense Municipality.

Photo by Adrian Delafontaine