Sian Kristoffersen TRICK MIRROR

14.08 - 27.09.18

Trick Mirror is an exhibition that balances between the psychotic and delicate eeriness. For the French psychoanalytic Jacques Lacan the mirror played an essential role in the constitution of subjectivity: the child gazes into the mirror and recognises itself as an image - the experience of oneself as an outside rendered object gives rise to a new detached sense of self.

The title of the exhibition however suggests that the mirror referred to here goes beyond representation and stresses a more unreliable position. But the deceit of the mirror is not unequivocal, but rather as we have learned from the treatment of phantom pains by mirror therapy (the placing of a mirror in front of an amputated arm which creates the illusion of functionality from mirroring the movements of the other healthy arm); the trick can have different repercussions.

Much like in a chamber play Trick Mirror draws up a room of intense psychological suspense. Disguised in soft pastels, rounded, elongated and deformed shapes Kristoffersen’s sculptures formulate the high-strung potentials of the psyche bouncing back at the viewer. In this exhibition Kristoffersen presents a scenography for a scattered entity that melts into a symbiotic hiatus with pet-like creatures, furniture and digestion processes.

Sian Kristoffersen graduated from The Glasgow School of Art and The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen. She has participated in a wide range of exhibitions in Denmark and abroad and among other places exhibited at Tranen, SixtyEight Art Institute, Viborg Kunsthal, KH7artspace and Søby Sculpture Biennale. Sian's work, which primarily centers around sculpture, video, installation and photo, is often based on staging of narratives inspired by mythology, film and literature.


The exhibition is made possible with support from Odense Municipality and The Danish Arts Foundation

Photo: Adrian Delafontaine