Heine Kjærgaard Klausen
All My Patches Give Me Bruises
19.10 - 01.11.18

In Heine Kjærgaard Klausen's visual work one finds a fundamental interest in constructions and that which is constructed in and around masculine identity, bodiliness and pop cultural verbality. His work unfolds in a variety of media such as sculpture, clothing, collage, video, installation and performance. His works are often occupied with finding ways to integrate the brutal and the sentimental in refined nuanced ways. The exhibition All My Patches Give Me Bruises consists of an installation and a performance on the opening night.

Heine Kjærgaard Klausen (b. 1978) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2006. He has exhibited in a variety of places among others at Kunsthal Nord, Viborg Kunsthal, Ringsted Galleriet and Overgaden. In 2015 he received a 3-year working grant from The Danish Arts Foundation.

Opening: 19/10, 18-21
Exhibition period: 19/10-01/11

Photo by Adrian Delafontaine

The exhibition is kindly supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Odense Municipality.