Anders Christian Eriksen LYNJUSTITS
15.12.17 - 22.12.17

In the zoo in the late eighties- early nineties, there was a concrete hole of approximately 2x2m and 2 meters in depth.

This was the home of the Shoebill, a timid stork-like marsh bird from East Africa. It was old and had a big hole in its beak.

I was about seven, when I first looked into its eyes. Its gaze was blunt and full of hate. It despised me and everyone who walked by its pit.

If it was ever to get out, the judgment would rain down hard on all of us.


Anders Christian Eriksen graduated from Funen Art Academy in 2016. Anders primarily works with drawing, collage and performance. In the exhibition Lynjustits (Swift Justice) Anders will show a number of new drawings.


The exhibition is kindly supported by Odense Municipality